A report from the frontlines…

I know that alot of you have been anxiously awaiting photos – well – here’s some. Not what you’re expecting though. I’m sure eveyone wants to see scenic winter imagery, cute kiddie holiday photos – the dog perhaps. Well, I have some of those, but if indeed a picture does say a thousand words then these two should speak volumes about what’s been going on up here the past few weeks.

I think I’ve mentioned to some or all (or anyone who would listen) of you that since we’ve been here all or some of us has been sick at any given point in time.

Behold our kitchen counter:

And the documentation:

This has been basically the ‘running set list’ for SickyFest 2006, a revolving festival of germs and viruses brought to you courtesy of the Province of New Brunswick and Winter. We’ve got stacks of these sheets.


Here’s hoping all that’s on your kitchen counter is some Cheeto crumbs and perhaps a little EColi that you don’t know about yet.

Hugs and kisses, but it’s probably better that you don’t.

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