Carve Yourself From Stone

A guest post from my compatriot, the Bard of Bicycling himself, Andrew Titus as we prepare to ride bikes across a rather large island.

“Freedom is what you do with what has been done to you” – Sartre

My memory, clouded by time and coloured by the wishes and desires of a late 40 year old, tells the story of me learning to ride a bike at 5 years old, my Dad holding onto the seat as we wound round and round his office building parking lot until I yelled ‘ok, let go!’, only to discover he already had. It was evening, late summer, I wore shorts and freedom smelled like a spent afternoon and cooling pavement. It remains, to this day, one moment in just a handful where I knew that life would never be the same. It is so much a part of me, so unquestionably pure, that even in the worst days and months of the intervening years, I have kept riding my bike. Continue reading “Carve Yourself From Stone”