Gravel Grind and Hammer Squad Logos

It’s always nice when what I do gets to overlap a little bit with things that I enjoy. Even better when both involve a worthy cause. Sometimes all that comes together, design, bikes and good mojo.

My local bike shop, The Radical Edge has been sponsoring on an event each Spring for a few years now to benefit Special Olympics New Brunswick. The Radical Edge Gravel Grind is now in it’s 3rd year and having participated in the first two, I can say it’s a total blast and a top-notch event. From the Gravel Grind Website:

“The Gravel Grind is being held in the spirit of the Italian grand fondo; or cross country ski loppet.  Some cyclists ride for the satisfaction and pride of just completing in an event, while others want to challenge themselves, their friends and of course some want to win!  With all of this in mind this is not a race. We are devoted to maintaining a laid back and fun atmosphere that can be enjoyed by both the recreational and competitive cyclists!

This event is intended to appeal to all types of riders; road, mountain, cyclocross and hybrids so hopefully by now you have the idea that this more of a celebration of cycling, Spring and the gathering of like minded individuals!”

As a big fan of the event, I was excited and honored to be able to help them out with a new logo, branding and some other materials this year. I worked with Executive Director, Josh Astle and Program Director Jane McKeown and created materials they were very happy with and I’m proud to have been a part of. What started as a logo design grew to include several other components in a process that really helps elevate the brand of the event to coincide with the professionalism and spirit of the event itself and the people that organize and run it.

I had been poking about online for some ideas and inspiration and struck upon some photos of old forestry service patches that sort of informed the final design that Josh and Jane finally picked.

Around the same time, Brian McKeown, manager/co-owner of the Radical Edge approached me about a logo for a group road ride that has been running weekly out of the shop for years now. The Hammer Squad ride isn’t for the faint of heart. These guys go out and, well, hammer. Brian was putting together a specific kit design for them and was looking for a logo he could put on a back pocket to represent the ride. He wanted something bold and powerful, and obviously featuring a hammer(s). I did a few different concepts and Brian actually picked the cleanest and simplest of the batch.

The idea is that the kit is a premium item and has to be earned, not just purchased. I don’t know what sort of secret handshake formula he has for determining when a rider qualifies for official Hammer Squad kit, but I do know I won’t be donning one anytime soon. The only thing I hammer on my rides are the donuts while standing around post-ride – but good on those guys!

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  1. Nice work. I have a group of friends that are doing a weekly gravel grind and I hope to start riding on the dirt again soon.

    I found this site from WordPress when I was setting up a new website,

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