I just bought a Black Eyed Peas track off iTunes and now I feel slimy.

So my kids forced me to do it. They wanted mp3 players for Christmas so I sprung for the smallest, cheapest iPod shuffles for Julia and Emma. I didn’t realize until they arrive just how insanely small they were and instantly said to lyn:

“They’ll loose these in days.”


So the next conundrum. I actually had to fill the thing with music. I conceded and with Lyn’s help loaded it with some of the stuff they listen to on the radio and have expressed interest in. I took my opportunity as parental role model though to pad it with some stuff I thought had more ‘substance’ – some of which they already like – in hopes that it would help keep them from straying too far over to the ‘lite pop’ side. I wanted to fill it with a bunch of other stuff, but Lyn smartly reminded me that they don’t have 8 hours at work to kill everyday to listen to music and their attention spans are 8-10 songs tops.

So. Submitted for your perusal, my intro playlist for the youngin’s.

Gee. Can you tell which ones were my picks?

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