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So after all the hype and final shutdown of the Light Phone Experiment, since I was due for an upgrade of my iPhone SE, I went and pulled the trigger on the Xr – well, 4 of ’em actually – as my wife and 2 kids were all due for upgrades too. Got a screaming good Black Friday* deal on them, I’m ashamed to admit.

I’m sure I’ll come up with more over time but here’s the quick and dirty I’ve got so far:

  • Big phone, but I guess this is the way things are going
  • Big phone does make for nicer reading experience with iBooks
  • I like the FaceID feature way more than I thought I would
  • Because of the repositioning of the on/off button, I keep taking a screenshot every time I go to lock the phone
  • Retina display is really nice
  • Like that I have space for an additional row of apps and can still only have ‘one screen’
  • Works flawlessly with my Air Pod Pros – which I’m digging – perhaps more on those in another post

Perhaps best of all is the serving tray feature:

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New phone who dis? This is my first foray into the ‘phablet-sized’ phones. The retrogrouch old-man in me who liked a phone that fit in his pocket comfortably has died a kicking and screaming death as it’s become harder and harder – at least in the Apple ecosystem – to get a ‘small’ phone. I guess I have to suck it up and roll with the ‘kids these days’ and their ginormous phones. One thing I realized though – nicely enough – is that it holds a hot beverage and a pastry rather nicely and thus doubles as a Bluetooth-Enabled Smart Serving Tray with WiFi. When a beverage becomes too cool or someone touches my muffin, it will send me a notification to my – er, uh – it will send it somewhere. #iTray #iPhone #iPhoneXr #newphoneday #retrogrouch #heysiriwhostouchingmymuffin

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*It’s a strange world when one reaches a point where your family has so many phones that one has to set up a spreadsheet to compare all the various options, deals and service plans before making any purchases or adjustments to your mobility plan. Perhaps theres a market for an app for this.

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