Jeff Buckley, Grace – Legacy Edition, 2004

While this is still a truly amazing record in the form of its initial release, if you have the means, I suggest you dial/surf up the ‘Legacy Edition’ with bonus tracks, including the ‘Road Version’ of ‘Eternal Life’. So often these posthumous reissues are filled with throwaway or sub-standard stuff just so Big Record Co. can continue to make a buck on the artist’s name, but not the case here. Just a frenetically monster version of this track and while Jeff was a supreme talent, so often the fact that his band was tight as hell gets overlooked. The fact that these 4 guys can’t get together and make beautiful noise anymore is just such a monumental loss for music, art and just us humans in general, but I guess we still have the tunes. I suggest you play it as loud as you’re physically able, hopefully loud enough for Jeff to hear it.

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