team buKit Announced


team buKit Tour of Hope Roster Announced


Today team buKit is proud to announce the offical team roster for the 2005 Tour of Hope:

Lyn Fackenthall: Cancer Survivor. General manager, coach, muse, partner. instigator, dietician, medical consult, Translator. She also cuts buKit’s hair.

Julia Fackenthall: Team documentarian. Artist. Picture Drawer. Wind tunnel engineer for flower basket and sparkly handlebar streamer fabrication.

Emma Fackenthall: In charge of administering ‘RAAAARRRRRR’ dinosaur-type motivational noises. Aerobics coach.

North: Early morning training ride alarm clock.

Jeff LaPensee: Agent. Minister of Hollywood Street Cred.

Francisco Lopez: Official supplier of Cabo Wabo, ‘Dominican’ (ahem) cigars, and Asado.

Andy Funchar: Travel coordinator. Political analyst. Official team guitarist. Composer of ‘buKit’s Theme’.

Aaron ‘Nature’ Uhl: Mechanic/Technical guru and conditioning coach. Offical Microbrew consultant.

team buKit to Ride in 2005 Tour of Hope


team buKit TO RIDE IN 2005 TOUR OF HOPE


Today from his palatial ‘Luxury Town Residence’ in suburban Virgina, moderately recreational cyclist Kent Fackenthall (known in underground circles as ‘the buKit’) announced his intention ride in the Tour of Hope, a 50 mile bike ride on October 8 of this year to benefit cancer research, sponsored by the Lance Armstrong Foundation. The ride begins in Maryland and finishes in Downtown Washington DC where it will meet up with a group of select riders that have ridden all the way across the United States to raise money and awareness for cancer research. Mor information regarding the event is available at

At a press conference ‘the buKit’ – as he prefers to be addressed – stated “team buKit and our sponsors are in preparations to undertake this great challenge and hope to put together a squad that can challenge and possibly even win this event.”

When questioned about what he meant by ‘win’ this event, seeing as how it’s a charity ride – buKit seemed confused and after whispered consultation with his handlers, replied, “Um, yea. That’s what I meant.” Then hurriedly ended the press conference and quickly left the room, seemingly arguing with staffers.

A few minutes later, just as the press corps were packing up, the buKit returned and announced that he was ready to continue the press conference stating that he ‘just had to go to the bathroom’ and was now ready to make another statement. A transcript of the remainder of the conference follows:

“I’d just like to say that team buKit is proud to have the chance to participate in this truly special event. As you all know, my wife Lyn is a cancer survivor and this is a cause that is close to my heart. That being said at no time was team buKit interested in any sort of – ahem – ‘winnings’ or ‘spoils’ of the race, and reports that the team had entered for personal financial gain or in an effort to raise money to buy a new road bike have been greatly exaggerated and/or are completely false. I have been told that would have been in bad taste. Thank you, now I will take exactly 3 questions…”

Reporter #1: “Mr. – um – buKit, how much do you hope to raise?

buKit: (raising pinky to lip and effecting a ‘Dr. Evil’ voice replied): “ONE MIIIILLLLLION DOLLLARS!” He then began to laugh outrageously, but tapered off when he realized he was the only one in the room laughing.

At this point, buKit’s wife, Lyn, leaned in and explained: ” Registrants are required to raise a minimum of $500 US in order to be able to ride. We have a mailing list of buKit’s fans and family members and they will be receiving emails shortly detailing how to donate online with a credit card. We may also just send emails to random addresses as well – just for the fun of it. If you don’t want to wait for the email, you can go to buKit’s Tour of Hope page at to donate.”

buKit: “Uh. Yeah. What she said.”

Reporter #2: “Mr. buKitenthall, do you have any plan or specific strategy for training and/or preparation leading up to the event?”

buKit: “It’s buKit. Lowercase ‘b’, capital ‘K’.”

Uncomfortable silence. Shuffling of papers.

buKit: “We’re waiting…”

Reporter #2: “Sorry, um, ‘buKit’. Any plans?”

buKit: ” I will be updating my blog in a daily/semi-daily/haphazardly fashion with news, tips, observations and details of my life commiserating with the cycling and Hollywood elite as well as info pertaining to and regarding my training and preparation. I will probably also talk about my bike and junk – oh – and the stuff I’m going to do to get ready for this race – er – I mean ride. Did I say that already? In addition in a day or two an announcement will be made regarding the full team roster. Yeah. You can view the blog at”

Reporter #3: “Do you have any idea what you are doing?”

Confused whispering amongst team buKit.

Anonymous team buKit staffer: “No further questions at this time.”

Reporter #3: “…but, that’s only 2 questions. He said he’d take 3.”

Staffer: ” He was mistaken.”

With that the team rushed from the room. As they exited, buKit was overheard saying, “I think that went quite well.”

the buKit is a native of California who has lived in Canada and now resides and ‘trains’ in Virginia. He has never entered nor completed any sort of organized bike race or event, or any organized event at all for that matter. He works as a production manager at a graphic design firm, thinkdesign, and lives with his wife, Lyn – a thyroid cancer survior, his two daughters, a dog, 2 cats and some fish in Annandale, Virginia. Press inquires and team sponsorship inquires can be sent here.

Checking in.

Hello faithful readers.

Still there?

I know it’s been awhile.

Things have been hectic. I finally have my own computer at home now so hopefully I’ll be updating more often.

Right now it’s 1 am though and I’ve just spent 3 hours working on this thing and I’m beat.

Plus, the Tour is on.

More later.


After re-reading my last post, I’ve been brainstorming trying to come up with some new ‘taglines’ when marketing my blog ’round the world.

So far, candidates include:

“New! With guaranteed happy thoughts in every bite!”

“The buKitzone, now Prozac-fortified!”

“Improved – Now with Dubya Power!”

“Removes stains from all surfaces AND tastes great!”

Feel free to submit yours.

I’ll take a bunch more of those please….

So this past Sunday was a pretty good day.

This will make all you naysayers smile.

Of course it was Mother’s Day, so I got up with the kiddies and let Lyn snooze. That’s ok, Saturday morning breakfast time is pretty good kid time if you can get it. The kids are always goofy and happy to see Dad. We discussed heavy issues like spaceships and whether or not fruit can see things. Very Socratic. I had fun AND scored points with the boss at the same time – can’t complain there.

When Lyn got up, we packed everyone in the car and headed to Man-Mecca, Home Depot. I needed manly things to be the hero around the house, namely some wood glue to fix toys and a desk drawer (more points) and the bonus was I got to get a wire brush to clean a bike frame I’m painting. The wife and kids like to go to the Home Depot as well – they go and look at all the flowers in the garden center (more points!).

On the way home we hit the grocery store to get stuff to make the sauce for the entire side of beef (ribs) I planned on barbequeing later in the afternoon.

We got home. Fed the kids lunch. Sent them up for a nap. Then I was out.

I’m not sure how it happened, but a few days earlier, Lyn had said that if I wanted to I could go for a mountain bike ride before dinner on Sunday. After checking to make sure I was in the right house – and even reminding her that Sunday was indeed Mother’s Day – she still said it was cool. This, quite obviously, is why I married her.

Anyway, so I got my ride on. 2 full hours of me and the woods. I rode. I fell down. I rode some more. I fell down again, this time in mud. Wheeeeee! I sat and looked at the scenery. Then I went home.

The kids were up and ready to go. I had no time to waste. My friend John was to arrive in an hour to partake in our beef ribs and corn on the cob feast. We like to do it that way at our house, ’cause then, you get all the stuff stuck in your teeth in one night – sort of a ‘two birds with one stone’ kind of thing. I suggested we all just eat on a big tarp in the basement and then we could just turn on a sprinkler afterwards. Lyn wasn’t amused and suggested that guests probably wouldn’t be either. I dunno, I’ve never been to a party like that – what’s the sense of being predictable? I knew it was a fight I wouldn’t win so I surrendered.

Anyhow. BBQ preparations began. John arrived. He brought me a new $80 bike seat that he got for $15 from the shop he worked at. Schwag is good. I paid him $20 for it without hesitation. Just helping the ‘single guy’ cause. We bullshitted by the ‘Q’ and drank beer – well actually, I drank the beer, he drank coke, ’cause that’s just how he is. The kids filled the birdbath in the back yard with pine needles. I let them, as the were fairly quiet about it. At the time I had every intention of going out later and taking all the needles out, since it’s our neighbours birdbath, but as I just typed this, I realize – I never did. Sorry Kathy.

The ribs cooked. We ate and had big people conversation. The kids of course wanted nothing to do with us and actually played pretty good in the living room.

For dessert we had little mini-chocolate chip cookies. The kids were interested in those. After a while, John had to take off. It was late in the evening and soon we had to get the kids to bed.

I paused to reflect on the day:

I was exhausted.

I had a slight buzz.

I had aches in my body in various places, but the good kind of aches, because you know where they came from and had fun gettin’ them.
Most of the surface area of my body was covered with any combination of the following:
a. dirt and/or caked mud (should that be 2 separate things?)
b. sweat
c. rib sauce
d. butter
e. dog drool
f. all of the above

When I got home from my ride I had changed into my trusty ‘Dad’ t-shirt, my fitted hat, and my favorite cargo shorts – you guessed it – SANS underwear. ‘Nuff said. I was – in a word – ‘comfy’.

And didn’t the summer breeze rolling in from the open windows feel so nice as I lounged on the couch and savored the last of my beer.

More days like this please.

“Today was a pretty good day”, I said to Lyn as I flopped down next to her on the bed.

“Ew. You are so getting dried mud everywhere.” She replied. “You are not getting in this bed ’til you take a bath.”

“I know, I know.” I said. “I’m going….”

In the back of my mind though, a little voice said:

“Damn! Almost!”