Custom Baltic Birch Apartment Storage

I am digging the custom cabinetry and millwork in this apartment posted over at, however I think I’m most transfixed by the massive blank wall over the kitchen sink. I can’t decide if it’s genius as it is or begging for something to be hung there. Maybe it’s both, and that’s what makes it […]

Greatest NBA Teams of All Time Illustrated 40 Foot Mural

I’m not a huge basketball fan, but I do dig illustration, murals and public installations of this sort. Also love a good process video. Timothy Goodman with a slam dunk from free throw line. More photos and the aforementioned process video at designboom.

The Art of Rush

When I was in art class in 7th grade I used to hang out with this ‘heavy metal kid’ – not because I was into heavy metal per se, but because I was good at hand-drawn band logos. We bonded over our versions of Iron Maiden’s unique workmark. One day I mentioned I played drums […]


Another post I’d bookmarked quite some time ago to read and only recently got around to. Lots of information here on how apps and UI are effecting our day-to-day practices. How Technology Hijacks People’s Minds Tons of good take-aways – one for me is installing the Moment app to see how much time I spend […]

The Rise of the Freelancer

By 2030, will we all be our own boss? An interesting article. I’ve often pondered going the freelance route as in my field (design) it’s already pretty common. The challenge is for people like me who have come to rely on the stability of a regular paycheck and a company responsible for benefits and sales […]