When you thread 2 pieces of rubber 2.3″ wide through an opening between two rocks that’s 2.4″ wide going downhill at about 20mph on wet ground without even really thinking about it – then when you realize what you’ve done and you start laughing out loud with no one around…

Then you’ll get it.

It’s even better when this realization comes on your daily commute to work.

“And now, your moment of Zen.”

Muck muckity muck.

Got out for a ride today and the bike was unhappy. I think it knows that I’m building another one to – temporarily at least – take it’s place.

It knows this, and today it aligned with the drivetrain to spite me. Here I sit.


Every ride can’t be the perfect one I guess.

Today I dreamed of a single speed – but wait, I almost had one anyway. The bike is upset with me. Tisk tisk.

The shoes on the other hand are very happy. They kept my toes toasty. Even in the muck.

So alas, I am home now. Still glad to have gone and rode than sit on the couch. The bike is in the workshop, sulking.

The kids are home from a birthday party and threw a fit and passed out. Lyn too. ‘Course she took them to the party so I’m not surprised. She’s the goods – after all, I got to go mountain biking right?

I’ve a beer and a bag of chips and the tv awaits….

She’s a harsh mistress.

So Tuesday was my 1st commute on the bike in like almost 2 weeks so of course, it rained. On the way home some sort of bottle exploded underneath my rear tire. I couldn’t see it in the dark. Flat. Dark. Too dark to fix it, plus I figured I’d never find all the shards in the tire and just puncture the new tube I’d put in so…..

No worries. I’ll call…..d’oh. Cell phone battery is dead.

I decided since the rim was already shot (this is the one with the huge ding it it) and I had on the big tires since the snow before my surgery….I’d ride home on the flat.

Thanks to the big monster Kujo DH tire on the rear, it actually went pretty well. I even made it up a few monster hills in the granny gear.

In stark contrast, yesterday’s ride in and home was very pleasant. It wasn’t too cold, the winter shoes are feeling better with each wearing and nothing broke. Bonus.

I slacked and drove in today since I had an am appointment and some errands to run.

In the ever evolving bike quiver things are shaping up. The Schwinn that Nature sent is getting a new headset soon and I think I may have it built up within a week.

I also may have been premature in my eulogy of the Ubaldmobile, as I’ve been doing some research and I may be able to get a different bottom bracket to work or may even be able to rethread the frame. Pete has offered his services to see what we can do this weekend. Stay tuned….

We’re getting all set to go for Lyn’s immigration interview at the end of the month. Hopefully things will go well. I think there’s a test on Seinfeld trivia to see if you can get in or not.

I recently contacted one of my blogging superheros and he has graciously offered to help me out with some hi-tech career oriented questions. Now I just have to figure out how to get my own technolgy to work. I don’t have a mic on my computer and he actually wanted to SPEAK to me…imagine that – in this day and age…someone wanting to talk. Go figure. You mean I can’t email/text message you on your Blackberry so you can fax me from the car? I’ve never really gone down that road – still sort of partial to the tin cans and string if you ask me. More ambiance. Thanks Theron for your response – I’ll get back to you as soon as I can get my act together…