Called an Audible

Got up to go ride with Titus, had planned on riding the Cross Check, but during pre-ride check I noticed a broken chain-link. I couldn’t get it fixed and was running out of time to meet up, so rode the Karate Monkey instead. Once I met up with Titus, he flatted twice in a 1/2 hour and used all his spare tubes, so we sat at a cafe and drank coffee till his Team Car picked him up. Then I took the long way home. Changes in plans are just that, changes in plans.

On the way home stopped by the LBS to get a new chain, also picked up a fancy bear bell with an ‘on/off’ switch. What a time to be alive.

No Trespassing [new] rr 1.01

I’ve been riding on these river flats behind my house for 10 years. First time there’s been a no trespassing sign here. Conflicted. Want to respect the owner’s property but kind of bummed as well. I try to think of it from the perspective of if I had a bunch of land that people used. I’ve always tried to be respectful when on others’ property. I even pick up trash when I find it and cart it out. Will see what becomes of this.