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  • Late Season Bontrager Gnarwhal Review

    After holding out on dropping the mad dollars for some studded fat bike tires for a few years, I finally caved. Here’s what I found out. When I first got my Surly Pugsley, I was an instant believer in the platform. I picked it up in February took it home and bombed around in the […]

  • Wet Weather Cycling Gloves

    Through the years of commuting – and just riding in general, I’ve found that one simple thing can make or break a ride when it comes to comfort: my hands. Always been a weak point for me. If my hands are cold or uncomfortable, I’m miserable. As one would imagine, I’ve tried a wide array […]

  • Cooking with the MSR Dragonfly

    So we did a FamJam car-camping trip this weekend and wanted to try out some cooking vs relying on pre-cooked stuff or buying take out. Initially was going to use the vintage Coleman 2-burner stove gifted to me by my father-in-law, but last week at home I couldn’t get it to fire up, and ran […]