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  • The Commute: A 90km Walk to Work

  • NIN Modular Mask

    Nine Inch Nails presents the NIN Modular Face Mask System. Also known as the INASAAIBIS* mask, this heavy duty mask features a unique interchangeable message system that allows you to customize your mask to match your mood. Defiant? Just getting by? Provocative? You decide. *I‘m Not A Selfish Asshole And I Believe In Science […]

  • Lines for Days

    Came across this Chrysler 300 in the parking lot of the local hardware store. What struck me first was the amount of chrome, then the deep reflection of the paint, then the size. The thing took up a full parking space and stuck out a bit. The very definition of a ‘boat’. Also, check the […]

  • Universal Holidays

    Derek Sivers hits the nail on the head for me in his blog post, Time is personal. Your year changes when your life changes: Your year really begins when you move to a new home, start school, quit a job, have a big breakup, have a baby, quit a bad habit, start a new project, […]

  • An Interview with The Man

    Went down a rabbit hole and came across this old piece from 2013 on David Cain’s Raptitude site. The whole thing is a must read for hilarity – even with the sting of the fact that it rings far too true – 6 years later. David Cain: You have employees everywhere, but the United States is […]