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  • I miss the banging.

    I’ve played drums really since I was in like 7th grade, maybe earlier – my parents can confirm this. It’s been a long time none the less. I haven’t had a drum kit in 10 years. When I decided to move to Canada to be with my now wife, Lyn, I sold my kit in […]

  • Yes, I am a music geek.

    You’ll now note on the side bar the addition of the ‘Earcandy’ section. iTunesSpy is nifty WordPress plugin that constantly streams the last 5 songs played on my iTunes. If I’m not at the computer and iTunes isn’t on, then it just shows the last 5 played before I signed off. A glimpse inside my […]

  • Manufactured creativity.

    You know, I’m white. I can’t dance. I admit it. Oh, I like to flail around when I am by myself, but not in public, people would probably call 911 or something for fear that I was having a seizure. What’s my point? None, really, other than that I can’t dance. I guess that I […]