Category: Narrative

  • History Lies

    I’ve been asked at several points in my life by acquaintances and friends why I don’t write about past events, periods of life, etc. Was just reading this bit in The Paris Review by Karl Ove Knausgaard from his new book The Land of the Cyclops and it made sense to me. As such, history […]

  • Scenes from the Best Seat In the House

    On my daily walk there’s some sort of old tractor or car seat along the path on a neighbor’s land. I call it the ‘Best Seat In the House’. Most days I sit for a spell.

  • NYE 2020

    An old friend of mine – I’ve forgotten which one – used to say he never liked New Year’s. He called it ‘forced fun’, like a ‘fake holiday’. People felt compelled to do something. I’ve tended to agree with the sentiment for the most part. The obvious idea being that the calendar – at least […]

  • Tame the Beast with Pencils

    Whenever you feel the Beast sapping your will, do something – anything – that will improve your situation in even the smallest way. Straighten a crooked picture. Put all your stray pencils into a cup. Taming the Beast

  • Joseph Campbell and The Power of Myth

    Or find your Sacred Space I have been listening to the audio version of an old PBS series with Bill Moyer interviewing teacher and philosopher Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth. To say it’s been a game-changer for me would be a massive understatement. What an absolute beauty of a man and intellect. I can […]