Category: The Fack Ranch

  • Snow, Covered

    Was listening to CBC Information Morning Fredericton (yep, good old-fashioned terrestrial radio) a few weeks back and there was a gentleman who emailed in reporting that he had tracked ‘days of snow cover’ in New Brunswick for several years. By ‘days of snow cover’ he meant days after the first snow that sticks, and doesn’t […]

  • If I had a hammer…

    I’d bash in some drywall with it. Pretty much finished the deconstruction of what I had dubbed the ‘Man Lair’ this weekend. There was some nice black mold that was growing along the bottoms of most of the drywall. Mmmmmm. Loooooove damp dark basements. Soon to be no more. Facelift to follow. The crack in […]

  • Manly duties.

    I wasn’t the least bit surprised when the crew from the home improvement show showed up at my door. They wanted a glimplse of my skills. They wanted to see my tools. I’m a man. I can build things. I can say things like “we’re gonna have to shim that” and “pass me that auger […]