Gasthof Gravel Grind

Yesterday along with @spoke_n_words I rode 56 km of mostly gravel through the heart of New Brunswick in Autumn and climbed over 1000 meters over 4 peaks. The views afforded at the top of each were, to say the least, breathtaking and when confronted with the full breadth of moments like that and one’s desire to ‘capture’ them, cameras suddenly just get real dumb.

No camera will capture how the sun felt after climbing in the shade for 15 minutes. No photograph is gonna tell you – the viewer – how I – the slightly overweight, middle-aged cyclist, who absolutely fucking refused to get off the bike on the climb up even if it meant resorting to zigzagging back and forth across the scree-laden fire road – felt once I finally topped out on each one. No photograph will convey the feeling of thinking you were at the top of a climb, rounding a curve and seeing another wall go straight up. No camera is going to adequately translate the exquisite taste of the orange I stopped to eat at the top of the first climb. (The Enlightened Orange).

Forget visuals, it’s impossible to even DESCRIBE the colors of the foliage on that day. No photograph will actually cause you to question your sanity while simultaneously giggling and screaming out loud as you hit ludicrous speed on the descents knowing that just then, at that moment, you cheated death.

No photograph is going to properly convey the giddiness of rolling into the restaurant parking lot post ride, high-fiving your homie and that feeling of transcendent stillness after getting off the bike and sitting down. Finally, nothing will convey what it was like to head into the Gasthof Bavarian Restaurant in full Oktoberfest Sunday Morning tilt and inhale the best sausage, potatoes and sauerkraut you’ve ever had. You’ll just have to take my word for it. I’ll share the only two photos I bothered taking. Enjoy. Shout out to @outdoor_elements_sussex for throwing it all down.

Just Ride It

Hello Friends. It would seem we all made it through another work week. Congrats. If you’re still feeling a little tense – up here in Canada our election is about to wrap up, and in the States’, well, it’s the States – I have a couple of options to perhaps ease your woes.

If you’re Canadian and voted already, good for you, your mind is probably clearer than those who haven’t. If you’re still hung up on which box you’re going to check, maybe give one of these a try.

You could hop on your cruiser bike and head to your favorite coffee spot, maybe meet up some with some friends. Take your time getting there, nod and smile at passersby on the way. I suggest you do as my buddy @spoke_n_words likes to say and, “let the breeze blow through your brains nicely.” I can think of no better way to sort out your thoughts.

Or maybe the slow roll ain’t your thing. Maybe getting out and getting the blood flowing is more your style – hopping on your carbon-go-fast-bike and hitting your favorite loop at 80% of your FTP is the best thing to clear your head. Remember what our mutual friend Tim Krabbé said, “On a bike your consciousness is small. The harder you work, the smaller it gets.” Kind of the Road Cyclist’s version of “free your mind, and your ass will follow.” I should think afterwards as you’re sucking down your powdered drink mix of choice, things might seem a bit clearer, or at the very least your head and pores will be.

Don’t let The Politics – mess you up kids, look past to the Big Picture. There’s no partisan way to ride a bike – it’s all the same action – corrective action. The bike is a simple machine that solves complex problems. You just have to ride it.

Coffeeneuring 2019 Control #1

Coffeeneuring 2019 Control #1 – Rode out with my Number One Wingman @spoke_n_words in ridiculous conditions. Raining, like, a lot. More than we had planned when ride planning last evening. We called an audible and changed plans at the start for a different route to coffee at @chesspiececafe We got to our turn around point soaked to the bone. No amount of rain gear mattered today. We rolled into Chess Piece and scarfed double espressos and ‘breakfast cookies’ (yes a real thing). My mind and body were so flooded with water I forgot to take any pictures for my Control report which may come back to haunt me later if I don’t end up getting enough Controls before deadline. Then we headed back to Andrew’s where I had another coffee in a legit AC/DC mug, because, METAL. All my stuff should be dry by Thursday. Maybe. A beautiful day to ride the bike. Thanks for the company, conversation and the official rock coffee my friend – officially, dirty deeds, done dirt cheap.