Tag: Giant XTC Advanced

  • Don’t sell bikes. Most of the time.

    In 1998 I was living at the Lapensee Youth Hostel (those who know, know) and my buddy @uhlsbrewingco had landed me a gig as a wrench at Belleview Bikes in Alexandria, VA. It is while working there that – save for possibly my 1985 neon green Haro Master – I bought ‘the bike that started it all’. […]

  • Birth of the Monkey

    Sold my Giant XTC Advanced to make room for a Surly Karate Monkey. Had to break it in proper.

  • End of an Era: The Giant XTC Advanced

    Decided I’m a steel bike guy. Particularly Surly steel bikes. So wanted to finally fulfill a longtime want of a Karate Monkey. So the Giant needed to go. Cleaned it all up to sell and it went to a good home (friend of a friend) in a few hours. Glad someone’s gonna love and ride […]

  • To the 5 Boroughs

    For the most part any non-paved trails or trails in the woods are still snow-covered. The roads and shoulders are in terrible shape. Wet, crumbling, full of potholes. So we do ‘road’ bike rides on our mountain bikes this time of year. Doesn’t ruin your road bike, you don’t spend all your time fixing flats […]