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  • Ute and About

    Took the Ute out for a spin – don’t get it out enough. I added some bucket panniers to it making it easier to pickup trash. Also got some new tires – slightly larger. I think I could probably go even bigger clearance-wise, but these’ll do for now.

  • Sketches

    Decided to take the Ute out on an errand run to see how it performed. Things went great until the left pedal fell off. Had to call in the Team Car for a pickup. To be honest, was a known-issue when I got it, but I thought I could squeak it out. Fun had anyway.

  • The Picaroons Kona Ute

    Enter The Ute. In 2009 I was in @radicaledgebikeski and this bike was leaning against a wall. It was the first time I’d seen a long cargo bike in person. It was goofily awesome. It was being retrofitted with special carriers by local microbrewery @picaroons to be a growler delivery bike. For whatever reason, it didn’t work. Depending on […]