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  • Commuter Rigs of the Early Days

    I started commuting by bike daily around 2003. I rode from Reston to Falls Church in Virginia along the W&OD. This was pre-smartphones and ride tracking apps. I don’t have many photos from back then. A few though from the archives. [1] The first was my daily rider for several years – A @gary_fisher HooKooEKoo. It belonged […]

  • Lunch Loop

    The challenge of a good Lunch Loop photo is a daunting one. The very nature of the Lunch Loop (a loop on your bike from the office at lunch) constrains things as you’re limited to a certain radius by time and distance. If you Loop regularly enough, you soon exhaust all the obvious and usual […]

  • The Overstory

    Today’s Lunch Loop was a Library Run to return this book, The Overstory by Richard Powers. To be honest, I didn’t want to, I wanted to read it again. That doesn’t happen often. I wonder sometimes if one wants to re-read a book if it makes more sense to do it immediately or wait, and […]

  • Exposing Truth on the Breakfast Loop

    So couldn’t ride the bike to work today because, reasons, but did end up getting to work super early so decided to roll a Breakfast Loop. First one ever, I believe. Fate does silly things. Came across this block on the sidewalk crossing the Westmorland Street bridge: “Expose a truth about yourself…Vulnerability is Healthy!” Ok […]

  • Lunch Loop