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  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.

    The atv path I ride my bike on all the time passes right by a neighbour’s house. He can see the trail through the trees from his driveway. Over the past few years he’s seen me out on the path on a bike at pretty much every time of year and day and in any […]

  • January Check

    The Missus finished a batch of masks for a coworker so at lunch today I decided to hop on the Cross Check to deliver them to the office. I looked out the window and saw the sun, but it was deceptive – it was really cold out with the wind. Got to the office and […]

  • Fret Dance

    Very cold this morning. Lots of bridges.

  • Back to (sch)Cool

    Weekend ride with Teacher Man Titus after his first week back at school.

  • Ride the Sun Up

    Got out for the usual weekend ride. Some beavers had felled a tree across the trail, so I followed their drag marks down to the river and sat there for a bit. Took a bunch of pictures at few minute intervals of the same ridge of trees trying to catch the sun lighting them up. […]

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