Birthday Cake of Another

Co-worker’s birthday means a trip to the office for cake. And a little bit of rain.

It’s an interesting thing when you really have only one or two options for a commute route into town. If you’re at it long enough it means you literally end up riding certain sections of trail THOUSANDS of times. All the bike trips have been invariably far better than the car ones.

Also, if you’re in the market for a handlebar bag these @porcelainrocketNigels are the bomb for reals. And looky – waterproof.

Into the Oven to Stew

What may appear to you to be dust on the bike is actually the sum of all my demons and all my stress ground down and rendered as a fine powder, then sprinkled over the bike in offering. Even if only temporary until they manifest again in some other form, I’ll take it. Long, steamy ride with Titus this morning. And that was before it even got hot out.