Tag: Surly Disc Trucker

  • The Jeep

    I’m pretty sure I’ve commented elsewhere here on my acquisition of this Surly Disc Trucker frame and fork from my buddy Matt some years ago – and how initially I didn’t really dig it. Then tried to sell it. But didn’t, and since have been grateful to the bike gods for putting the kibosh on […]

  • Different Suns

    At some point WordPress built this ‘image compare’ block into the software. At first I thought wtf, but I’m realizing more and more it can be fun sometimes. Same spot about 2 hours apart.

  • Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter.

    The atv path I ride my bike on all the time passes right by a neighbour’s house. He can see the trail through the trees from his driveway. Over the past few years he’s seen me out on the path on a bike at pretty much every time of year and day and in any […]

  • Christmas (T)Roll

    So a little less than a year ago, my internet homey Matt emailed me out of the blue to let me know he was liquidating his Surly stock. He had a Troll and a Pugsley up for sale and wanted to know if I wanted any parts or whole. As a matter of backstory, I […]

  • Secret Spot

    Quick ride to a neighbourhood ‘secret spot’ that really isn’t secret because I found it via the well-worn footpath off the main trail.

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