Tag: Surly Karate Monkey

  • Earth Day 2021

    Out for a nooner. Years ago I stopped riding with headphones, music etc. Every ride has a soundtrack of it’s own, be it natural, urban or other. Sounds – or sometimes the lack there-of – for me, are very much a part of the ride. Also being Earth Day and all, I picked up a […]

  • Horace Silver Karate Monkey

    Storm brewing and I was perilously low on coffee beans. Had to make a run. So, hit play on the track and look at the pictures.

  • For a Friend

    I got an email today from a friend I hadn’t heard from in quite some time. The pandemic has been rough on her. Already battling with anxiety, the stress and constant barrage of suffering online led her to drop off the internet entirely and shutter all her social media accounts. She lost a family member […]

  • Dog Bite

    Sunday morning Dirt Church solo ride. Early morning a small black bear jumped out and ran in front of me on the trail for about 100 metres before jumping in the bushes. I thought it was a cub, and waited for others or Mama to pass, but after I stopped, made a ridiculous amount of […]

  • Blues Explosion, Man!

    Got out with Titus for a long gravel stint. I think too much sitting and mashing on the Karate Monkey – my knees didn’t much like it. Was nice to go straight into the pool post-ride.