Called an Audible

Got up to go ride with Titus, had planned on riding the Cross Check, but during pre-ride check I noticed a broken chain-link. I couldn’t get it fixed and was running out of time to meet up, so rode the Karate Monkey instead. Once I met up with Titus, he flatted twice in a 1/2 hour and used all his spare tubes, so we sat at a cafe and drank coffee till his Team Car picked him up. Then I took the long way home. Changes in plans are just that, changes in plans.

On the way home stopped by the LBS to get a new chain, also picked up a fancy bear bell with an ‘on/off’ switch. What a time to be alive.


The Missus mentioned last night that we needed english muffins for eggs benedict today so I offered to get some on my ride this morning. As such, when I left this AM, I [1] headed in the exact opposite direction of the store. My rough plan was to ‘find a loop’ or worst case scenario bail to an out-and-back. [2] Found some nice sights I hadn’t been seen in awhile. [3] Took a road that I’d never been on, had no idea how far it went, and only a vague idea of the direction it headed. [4] As is often the case, when I headed off in an unknown direction, I found myself. And a highway. Someone once said ‘Life is a highway.’ As long as the corner store is on this highway, I’m good. [5] Highway views are so much nicer at bike-speed. [6] Procured english muffins, accomplishing one of many missions for the day.