There’s lots of bike clubs out there, so many of them are great. I’ve even been a member of some – there’s nothing wrong with them. I sought something else though. A club more about the bike as a movement. A facilitator of outlook shift. A club about bikes, yes, but also about how they affect us – how they impact our lives and our mindsets even when we’re not riding. I was – and still am – inspired by a snippet of a larger piece by Ben Weaver:

“If there is a corrective action,
it is to always ride a bike,
breathe more fresh air,
use your hands to make things,
go wandering,
then come home & tell about it.”

– Ben Weaver

Most people I know who ride bikes are also trying to do so much more. To do better. To be better. I wanted a club about how the bike plays a part in that.

In the context of Ben’s quote above, the ‘club’ is very much about the riding of bikes, breathing of fresh air, making things and wandering. I’m attempting to make the CABC the online portion of where I “tell about it.” Perhaps others would like to as well.

Bikes Unite Us

Whether you’re heading out on a training ride or headed to the grocery store, the action is the same. Whether you’re counting watts or counting coupons, the result is, in most ways, the same. Riding a bike is the commonality that unites us, even if individually we take different things from the experience. And I think more often than not, even our individual experiences are more similar than we realize or readily admit.

I think more people should be riding bikes. In my many years of riding bikes one thing I’ve learned is the best way to get more people to ride bikes is to – wait for it – ride your bike. What people respond to is truth. All you have to do is ride your bike and be honest about it. Tell about it. Be the living embodiment of what riding a bike does for you. That’s enough. People can see that, it’s genuine. You don’t have to beat them over the head with it or rattle off stats or talk smack about cars. The riding itself is the corrective action for so many of us. That’s what non-riders need to see and experience.

I’m calling this a ‘club’, but I have no membership guidelines, no rules, no bylaws. If you ride a bike and you feel better as a result, you’re in. If that’s enough for you and you never tell a soul, great. If you want to spread the love, maybe include the #correctiveactionbicycleclub hashtag on your social media posts – but more importantly, just talk about what riding bikes does for you. I’d love to see what you’re up to and how your relationship with the bike is helping you towards ‘better’ – however you define it.

If you’re at all like me, you struggle with the notion of ‘what to do’ in the face of everything going on in the world, a feeling of inadequacy or an uncertainty with where to direct your effort. The act of riding a bike is doing something. You are making a statement, creating something, moving forward, setting an example, inspiring others, making a difference. The bicycle is a simple machine that solves complex problems, all you have to do is ride it.

I’ll see you online and on the road,


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