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    OCT. 3, FREDERICTON, N.B. – Gritty defensive winger and perennial fan-favorite Kent Fackenthall has agreed to terms with the Thursday Night Hockey League to play full-time for the 2019-2020 season.  After a lackluster season last year, where he saw most of his time spent in the minors with the occasional call up-to The Show, Fackenthall […]

  • ‘Willie’, The Willie O’Ree Story

    Took Colin and Olivia to see a screening of the documentary of Fredericton hometown hero Willie O’Ree last night, ‘Willie’. It was followed by a lovely Q&A with the man himself and the director of the movie. Truly a magnificent and inspiring story . For those not in the know, Willie was the first Black […]

  • The Freight Train that was Scott Stevens.

    I was watching the Toronto-Montreal game last night on Hockey Night in Canada and even though I’m a Habs fan, I have to admit, it was kind of a snoozer. First game of the season, teams still sorting line-ups out and all. I guess if you’re a Leafs fan you can be excited about it, […]

  • In defense of Hockey.

    Or an open letter to hockey fans who also happen to be idiots. I haven’t written a blog post in ages. I should have known that it would be mallet-headed cluebaggers that would bring me out again. I’ll disclaim this right now by saying that I’m a Habs fan. But this isn’t about teams. It’s […]