A Message from the Disappeared.

Hello faithful readers. Anyone left?

I know it’s been a long time.

I haven’t the time now to catch you all up on the goings on of the past month and a half or so – I’ve still got no internet access at the new house and I’m typing this at work (I’m on my lunch Julie!).

Suffice to say we’ve made the move to Fredericton ok. Settling into the new house. Everyone is currently sick for the most part – Lyn has been sick on and off for the better part of a month. Unfortunately due to the baby – she can’t take any cold meds so has to stick it out. We’ve been adapting to new germs here and the kids have been sick, gotten better, then gotten re-sick. Ugh. I know this is terrible grammar but my editor is on vacation.

I hope to have some internet access at the house soon – yeah, I live that far out in the sticks – I have to get it by satellite and it’s ridiculously expensive.

I’ve got tales to tell, a bunch of photos to post and I hope to start getting to this thing a little more often once again.

For those of you wondering, I haven’t had the chance to get on the bike in about a month now – various factors (sickness,weather/darkness/lack of a good lighting rig, getting Julia to school) have conspired to keep me from the commute to work – but it will come.

Patience grasshoppers.

My new biggest problem is that my dog seems to keep finding some really heinous smelling substance to roll in in the woods. Nothing like bathing your dog outside with well water in freezing temps. My hands say to you, ‘ouch’.

Ahhhhh. Country living.

Hope all is well with the 3 of you that read this. More soon, I promise.

To all the buds that I’ve not talked to or owe work to (8ball – your stuff is coming, I swear) – I ask of you some patience for just a bit longer.


6 replies on “A Message from the Disappeared.”

  1. bukit, happy bday. i don’t have a working email address for you. let me know your new contact info.


  2. bukit you need to upload tha satellite sh*t directly to your brain link. that way you won’ t waste anytime from conception to production. Lappo you’re a slacker, but it’s nice to see that you are still alive out there.

    The riding will come soon enough mr. B.

    looking forward to my fist solo trip out of country. it will definitel start in Fredricton, or however its spelled.



  3. Good to see your update. Sorry to hear the fam has been ill. Can’t wait to see more pics. Happy b’lated birthday. A. Linda

  4. Actually, a lot more of us read what you write – we just can’t ad to already great commentary…

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