Apparently not ‘Licensed’.

So I’m sitting here putting off another blog entry.

Believe me folks, it’s not for lack of anything to write. Nothing has coagulated yet. The topics, news, and whimzical observation are all whizzing about in my head like bills in one of those cash machines in the old school game shows.

I keep coming up empty handed in the ‘grab for content’.

Never fear. Soon I will have fistfull of adventure for you.

I sat down here and put on the Beastie Boys Licensed to Ill. The cd wouldn’t play in my computer. I had my suspicions. As a result of many years as a staple at the Youth Hostel and the nightly fumblings of one Joe ‘Speakdaddy’ Speakman, the surface of the disk looks like it has been dragged across an asphalt playground.

Wouldn’t play. Hmph.

License: Suspended.

It would appear that I’m not to be able to ‘Ill’ any time soon. Perhaps I’m too old. I missed the ‘Illing’ window. I’ll have to make a note to keep my ‘Illing’ License up to date. I really shouldn’t have let this slip, cause just last week I maxed out all my ‘Street Cred.’

So I’m rocking some Clutch instead.

What’s in your wallet?