Surly Troll bicycle on a gravel trail leaning against bridge railing.

As the weather has gotten colder I am riding more and more with knit caps and winter cycling caps with earflaps. I’ve found that when I pull them on, though they feel ‘centered’, the bottom of my right ear is cold. I have deduced that it’s probably lower on my head than my other ear.

Perhaps good to know.

Stoic Joy

“We normally characterize an optimist as someone who sees his glass as being half full rather than half empty. For a Stoic, though, this degree of optimism would only be a starting point. After expressing this appreciation that his glass is half full rather than being completely empty, he will go on to express his delight in even having a glass; It could, after all, have been broken or stolen. And if he is atop his Stoic game, he might go on to comment about what an astonishing thing glass vessels are; They are cheap and fairly durable, impart no taste to what we put in them, and – miracle of miracles! – allow us to see what they contain. This might sound a bit silly, but to someone who has not lost his capacity for joy, the world is a wonderful place. To such a person, glasses are amazing; to everyone else, a glass is just a glass, and it is half empty to boot.”*

-William B. Irvine, A Guide to the Good Life, The Ancient Art of Stoic Joy

*emphasis mine