Sorry faithful minions. I haven’t posted in awhile. I been busy.

First and foremost, let me say this. A hearty ‘woo-hoo’ to my better half, for she is now a legally green carded US, uh, er, …. green card holder. She is now eligible to vote, however is limited to voting for the incumbent party only.

I did stumble on a realization today and that is that I am a good dad. How do I know this? Because when giving the kids a bath, if the bubbles from the bubble bath aren’t plentiful enough, I swish the water around the tub really fast with my hand to make more bubbles.

I’m a giver.

Lyn has instituted operation ‘noknap’. The kids don’t take a nap during the day now – they were always staying up to late so now they’re in bed by like 8. It’s nice cause they crash as soon as their head hits the pillow, but man – those last few hours before they go to bed – boom.


My sistor’s moving in like a month from now supposedly. That will be fun. She will be cold in the basement. And she will have to listen to the noise from my next door neighboors huge home theatre through the wall. Coincidentally, her moving in meant that last week, myself and my (poor sucker) friend Francisco moved a 4 ton desk up three flights of stairs. Thanks 8ball for the help. The good thing is that now that the computer is up in my room – as soon as the kids go to bed – BAM – I’m on it, which should hopefully translate to more content for you dear reader. I’ve noticed my posts taking more of a biographic turn lately as opposed to the old ‘diatribe’ or ‘rant’ type skew they used to take. Perhaps I’ve grown tired of the muckraking. I dunno. I think I’ll try to do these more ‘stream-of-conciousness’ – I’ll apologize now if it gets weird. Try to keep up.

I do have a problem. I have a problem with hearts. No, not the kind that beat as one, the conversation kind. These conversation hearts come out around Valentine’s each year and I turn junkie. Lyn has to hide them in the house or I’ll eat the whole bag. I ate a whole bag in a day last year and felt terrible. Lyn laughed at me. I laughed at me.

You know what though, if you put a bag in front of me right now, I’d be on it. There’s also a good chance that I’d growl and snap at you like a junkyard dog if you tried to take it away. They’re laced with crack I say. Crack.

I think I am going to go to take some classes to learn how to do this web stuff proper-like. Anyone that knows anything about PHP, CSS, Ajax, or Ruby and the like – email me so I can soak the knowledge from you. I’ve only decided to do this recently and now already have 2 webpage jobs in the works. Crazy. ‘Cause I have ‘o so much’ time on my hands. Yikes.

I’ve officially completed the build to replace the Ubaldmobile. Actually it’s been done and I’ve been riding it for a week, I was just too lazy to post any info here. It’s a single speed – for all you non bike types that means it only has one gear. Simple. Low maintenance. Hurts on the hills. All things I look for in a bike. Behold it’s simplistic beauty below:

The High Plains Drifter.

In a word, fun.

I’ve dubbed it the High Plains Drifter. It’s an old Schwinn High Plains and I’ve added on the ‘Drifter’ from the Beastie Boys song or the old movie – use whichever reference fits whatever generation you’re from.

Guess that’s about it for now. The mad rush is on now to get my taxes done and also to find out what we have to do to see if we can get Julia to go to a special ‘french immersion’ school for the 1st grade. I think we may have to move and/or know somebody. I’ve got my man Jack Abramoff working on it, and he is reportedly ‘making some inroads’, but has cautioned that I may need deeper pockets.

Well..that’s my State of the Onion.