Get outside. Ride life. Support your LBS.

Over the past several years through various channels I’ve been fortunate enough to become a part of a great cross-section of people in the Fredericton area dedicated to healthy lifestyles and the pursuit of adventure. This is in no small part due to The Radical Edge and the community they foster in an effort to get people outside, living actively through their mission, events and attitudes. Their staff and customers are some of the best folks around and I’m proud to now call many of them good friends.

Which is why I’m super stoked to announce that I’m now their Giant Bikes Brand Ambassador. I’ve always hoped that by sharing my runs, rides and adventures that it might in some small way inspire others to get out and enrich their lives. Now, along with The Radical Edge and Giant, I hope to inspire even more of you to get out there. If you see me out riding my killer Defy Advanced around, don’t hesitate to say hi and maybe let me bend your ear a bit about how well it rides. Better yet, get yourself into the Rad Edge Westmorland shop and take a Giant, or any other bike they sell, for a spin – they’d love to help you out, make sure and tell ‘em I sent you.

I’ll also be leading a beginner road ride this spring/summer out of the shop, called the Donut Roll, which I’m pretty excited about. Our goal is to give beginning and less-seasoned road riders a ride where they can gain more experience and confidence. We may even get some donuts as well! Further details will be coming on the ride in the near future.

It’s easy these days to get caught up in the push-button ease with which you can get pretty much everything you need online, but there’s always going to be something missing. By supporting local businesses, you not only have an opportunity to get first rate service, but you can build quality relationships with like-minded folks while at the same time helping build and support a community you are actively part of.

Thanks again to Mike, Brian, Cam, Keenan, the other Brian, and all the other great staff at Radical Edge who’ve patiently helped me and also inspired me over the years. Now, LET’S GET OUTSIDE – I hope to see you out there!