Surly Troll bicycle on a gravel trail leaning against bridge railing.

As the weather has gotten colder I am riding more and more with knit caps and winter cycling caps with earflaps. I’ve found that when I pull them on, though they feel ‘centered’, the bottom of my right ear is cold. I have deduced that it’s probably lower on my head than my other ear.

Perhaps good to know.

Spring in NB

Ah, New Brunswick spring. I ordered some bike swag to send out to homies from a local merchant and of course bike swag should be picked up by bike. So I saddled up the Troll on the day of our usual spring snowstorm and got on with it.

Hovering at 0ºC, alternately snowing, raining and sleeting, it made for messy and interesting goings. Exactly the conditions that my buddy Matt spec’d this Troll for because he somehow had the prescience to know that it would be here one day. Not a thing out of place, it did not disappoint. 2″ of wet snow/slush on the ground and the Troll was eating it up. The SKS Blumens fenders are game-changers in conditions like this. Terminally groovy.

Oh, the time we had. Swag collected. Ride bikes.