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  • You’re Going to Wash Dishes for the Rest of Your Life

    Our dishwasher broke several months ago. We ordered one, then it was delayed due to Covid and/or other things, then finally ‘unavailable’, so we cancelled the order and are currently deciding what to do next. I haven’t really been in any hurry to get the new one. Jason Isbell was kind enough to explain why […]

  • Not back on it still on it.

    Realized that I hadn’t posted a picture of me riding bikes in awhile and maybe you were thinking I didn’t anymore. You’d be thinking wrong. I call ‘First Mud of the Season’. And yup, I’m out in jeans, Blundstones and a puffy jacket. I got pretty dirty on my regular clothes like I used to […]

  • Horace Silver Karate Monkey

    Storm brewing and I was perilously low on coffee beans. Had to make a run. So, hit play on the track and look at the pictures.

  • Shuffle Interrupt

    Most days I come down the the Underground Lair® and hit shuffle on the Apple Music library and roll with that for awhile. Invariably a track bubbles up that simply demands you stop – do not pass go – and return immediately to the beginning of that album and play it all the way through. […]

  • Younger Us

    PSA: If you’re going to watch this, at least do it the justice of turning it up as loud as possible, stopping whatever else you’re doing for 38:50 and dancing around like a lunatic. This, speaking from experience.