Category: Service Announcements

  • We Now Interrupt Your Regularly Scheduled Programming….

    I have a bunch of old blog posts that I’d archived and I’m sorting through, reviewing, and re-posting. I had hoped subscribers/followers wouldn’t get notified because they have publish dates that are old – but my eagle-eyed buddy Steve has informed me otherwise. So the 6 of you that regularly read this probably have an […]

  • Bare Bones

    In an effort to focus time spent here more on content and not mucking about with design and bells and whistles, I’m conducting a bit of an experiment by going with the straight up stock default WordPress theme vs. a Studiopress theme and/or various plugins. It’s also my effort to better understand the stock features […]

  • thebuKitzone: now iPhone friendly.

    Hey kids. I don’t have one, but the buKitzone is now available to all you iPhone owners in a badass iPhone friendly format, thanks to Dale, Duane and crew at BraveNewCode and the WPtouch plugin. It’s awesome. At some point, when providers in Canada get their heads out of their asses, I will probably get […]