Fack’s Facebook Facts 1

Business Insider: What It’s Really Like to Work At Facebook

Facebook employs 23,165 people, worldwide*

I thought as my countdown to dumping Facebook, I’d share some interesting facts. The two people interviewed in the attached article paint it as a great place to work and it was recently voted as such.

As someone who has always worked for really small firms (5 people) I’ve always kind of looked longingly at those who worked at large companies that offered perks like cafes, fitness centers, laundry service. But it also kind of oogeys me out. It seems sort of closed-society, Orwellian in nature. The more they can do to integrate you into the ‘company culture’ the more you are committed to (trapped by?) it. Perhaps I’m just getting too dystopian due to my bias.

I wonder, are you required to have a Facebook account if you work at Facebook? I mean, that would be the ultimate employee monitoring system, no? If you refuse, are you like that person in the office who doesn’t chip in to the ’employee birthday pool’?

Do you get busted for spending too much time on Facebook at work if you work at Facebook?

And is it mandatory to accept the Friend Request from creepy Uncle Zuck?

*As of Sept. 30, 2017 via Facebook’s Company Stats Page