I didn’t have any work today and no appointments. I haven’t been on a bike since August. Thought I’d squeak in what might be the last bike ride of the year/season. It was cold today (-10°) but clear, with flurries here and there. 15 mins into the ride I stopped to snap a photo.

Got back on the bike.

Rear tire was flat.

Guess that’s the end of the season.

Well, at least it looks like I’ve fixed the comments.

I’ve been having major issues trying to FTP files to my server – i.e. photos and such to post on the blog here. Most times, I can’t get a connection with Fetch, my FTP client at all. When I do, it takes 15mins for the contents of directories to show up and uploading files is a process measured in hours. I wrote to my good folks at BlueHost for help and after running a Traceroute, they basically said that – the dial-up is just too ridiculously slow – I should contact my ISP. For example, attempting to upload the 196k photo from today took 17 minutes – then it stalled at 191 of 195k, hence you don’t see it here. Perhaps you’re tired of hearing about my dial-up woes. Maybe in the future I’ll highlight these sections somehow and you can skip over them.

In basement news, I’ve got another crack leaking. Permacrete will be back for a third time. And I haven’t even opened up the other side of the basement. I’m wondering if they have one of those punch cards where if you get 9 cracks repaired, the 10th is free.