History repeats itself.

So. Lyn’s been declared cancer free. Again.

I hope she doesn’t plan on making this an annual thing,

Turns out her lymph nodes are enlarged, yes, but uniformly and the doctors say that’s probably a result of her being on synthetic hormones. If it were cancer the enlargement would be in ‘chunks’. They biopsed it too, and found nothing so that’s good news. She’ll just have to have it checked once a year from here out.

You’ll notice a bunch more entries in this blog, little asides at the bottom of the homepage. This is my bike log. Until now I had kept the entries private, not so much cause they were private, but mostly ’cause they were boring. Alot of the entries don’t even have text, they’re just headers with categories. This has been my way of tracking miles I’ve ridden and put on specific bikes and when it was time for maintenance. I’ve gotten in the habit now of making little notes and thought perhaps some of my bike geek friends might find interest in them. Perhaps not. Whatever. They’re sort of ‘asides’ so if you’re only here for interesting stuff, you can skip em. Or if you’re geeky like me, you can comment on them just like a regular post. Enjoy.

Yeah, I’m OCD about somethings. Whatever.

I gotta get to work.


2 replies on “History repeats itself.”

  1. Bukit,

    whats up man… glad to here about your wife. How are your kids? Whatis your email address? I want to talk to you about cycling. Do you road or mountain bike it? Get in touch with me. bricycle8@hotmail.com or 609-828-6247 Talk to you soon


  2. Well as of today Lyn officially has a cold. Lymph nodes all swollen and everything. Never thought I could be so happy about someone having a cold. I feel a little guilty smiling as she sniffles, but would rather her have “cold related swelling” than anything else.

    Love to ya sis, and Happy cold.


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