I don’t want your Helvetica lamp.

I just got a stupid-huge 12 square-foot self-promo poster from veer in the mail. Other items they’ve sent include an ‘activity book for creatives’, and a 500 (I think it was) piece jigsaw puzzle. None of which I’ve used/kept and none have induced me to either spontaneously or pre-meditatively run over and buy fonts or typography inspired home decor.

I’ve only bought like 2 things from them, ever.

Those in “the ‘biz” know how much printing/production of this stuff costs. Frankly, I don’t understand how they can afford it. Even if they can, here’s an idea: Quit sending me this crap, save some paper and just make your stuff more affordable.

How about that?

That’s something I could really use.

You can keep your goofy pillows, thanks.

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  1. Seriously. You do wonder how much money this photo joints are pulling down to send out this crap in mass. I got the same thing you are talking about. Think of the trees people!!!

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