Inside the blogging bubble…

I have been rambling around reading lots of blogs. So many blogs.

I have one continuous thought.

Where in the hell do these people get the time to do all this blogging?

I haven’t updated this thing in at least a month, and it’s not beacuse I haven’t had anything to say – I simply haven’t had a free minute. I think these people must revolve completely around their blog and/or their online community.

Can this be good? Forsaking the actual human interaction of the day to day outside world for the virtual (albiet at times, much more stimulating) interaction of the online community?

Will we a some point become communities where our ‘neighbours’ are 1,000 miles away and that guy that lives across the street is a stranger? Or a weirdo. Maybe he’s a weirdo just because I don’t know him. Or because he leaves his house.


Few people would ever label me a ‘people person’. If they did, they’d have mistaken me for someone else. If I had my way I’d probably be living in a cave somewheres and I’d only talk to you when I wanted to.

I just wonder where all this is going. And where all these people get all this time. And energy. Perhaps it’s caffiene or some other illicit drugs. Perhaps it’s Mountain Dew Code Red.

I feel bad neglecting my blog when apparently everyone else has tons of time to customize and post to theirs. Maybe I should work on it. Perhaps I am breeching ‘blog ettiquette’ by letting my blog fall by the wayside. Perhaps I should be ‘virtually cast out and stoned’ by the blogging community.

Flame me if you must.

Maybe I don’t have much interesting to write about.

I rode my bike to work today. It was cold. 31 degrees F. Not cold by my former climates’ standards but cold nonetheless. Cold enough to garner strange looks from the people trapped in their cars as I passed. Funny thing about riding your bike when it’s this cold, I have a bike with a whole bunch of gears, but you pretty much have to find the one you like within the first 5 minutes of leaving you house, because after that the drivetrain ceases to function and you’re stuck with the gear you’ve got. To say I am eagerly anticipating warm weather would be an understatement.

That’s about all for now. I hope to try and start getting pictures up here to accompany my blog, as soon as I figure out where to host them from. Anyone out there host their photos from their iDisk? Does it work?

I’ll try to update more often, really I will, but I don’t think it will matter soon, as the way things are looking we will soon be discussing the U.S. occupation of Iran. Some folks never learn.