Leave aprehensions.

So I’ve put in for my parental leave at work. I’ll be taking from when the baby’s born until Jan 5th. For you ‘Mericans, up here in Canada the Federal Gov’t mandates that employees must be granted paternal leave if requested and get their jobs back on their return. There’s various stipulations on the time and such depending on the parents and if they both work and yadda yadda. The clincher is, that you’re essentially going on unemployment – i.e. the Gov’t pays your salary, but only to the tune of about 55% of what you were making, so you take a hit.

So really, 55% of not really enough is even less.

Lyn and I decided to suck it up and do it anyway. Well really, I don’t think she could do all 4 kids on her own out of the gate, and even if she were to try, I wouldn’t want to come home from work to THAT scene every day. So we bit the bullet. I’ll probably come out in the hole on the other side but that’s the long and the short of it I guess.

The good is that I will get to spend lots of ‘family’ time and it will really be the last time an opportunity for this much time off presents itself. I – uh – had a ‘procedure’ that will inhibit any further bukit offspring. I’ve caught my limit.

So we’ll see how it goes.

I’ve spent all evening filing paperwork (why do I have to save 2 years back worth of phone bills?), paying bills, and trying to get a handle on the whirlwind that is the to-do list.

Unfortunately, the Surly’s in the shop after only two rides. I couldn’t get the drivetrain quite dialed and today on the way to work, I snapped the chain. I conceded and took it to the shop. They tell me I’m missing a spacer in my cassette for one thing. I’ve got no idea how the hell I managed that. I’ve got to go turn the garage upside down in a few minutes and see if I can find it. Ugh.

After that I think it’s chocolate chip cookies and milk time.