Merry New Year.

Hey all. Best of belated holiday wishes.

We’ve had fun over the holidays and I’m pretty sure I’ve gained about 15 pounds between the food, beer and lack of exercize. Schwing.

Good news is I did manage to play hockey last sunday and that was a blast. 1st time in 3 years and I’d really forgotten how much I dig it. Will hopefully be playing once a week through the winter – maybe more if time/economy permits. Should be able to skate outside here pretty soon…

Hoping to have internet access at my desolate location within the next week or two. Dial up. Gawd. At least I’ll be able to get updates up more regularly, so look for those. I’ll have some pictures as well as other news to come.

Oooo. And I also have to do my annual ‘year-end-mileage-brag-about-gas-savings’ tally. Always a crowd pleaser. Perhaps this year I’ll have to incorporate a graph or something high tech. Lookout.