Morning Routine

I finally got around today to reading this article I’d bookmarked months ago:

I set out over a year ago (2 years) to try and establish a ‘better’ morning routine and I’ve incorporated many of the suggestions in this article, and have experienced many of the effects and positives discussed therein.

There’s a few things here I’d still like to include, but at the moment cannot due to lack of time. Although I have started getting up earlier (and – even though I’m teased by my wife – going to bed earlier), I still don’t have enough time to do all the things I’d like to each morning. I have considered getting up even earlier, but then I’d probably have to go to bed even earlier and I’m starting to blur the line with regards to what makes sense. Still, I am happy with the success I’ve had so far and the positive mojo it has brought. As time passes – and my kids get older and are more able to get themselves together on their own in the mornings – I’m confident that I can build on the existing ‘habit’ that I have now.

I’m not as interested in a lot of what these articles are usually about – buzzwords like ‘productivity’ and ‘maximizing time’ etc, my main goal has always been what David at Raptitude refers to as “getting better at being human.” I know that focusing on tweaking and improving my morning routine has done just that in droves.