Off the market.

Well, as most of you know, I am married now. So leave me alone. You needn’t tease me anymore, the deed is done.

It was nice of the Rope to fly the fellas up from the Youth Hostel so that they could be here for the festivities. It was good to see everyone again and drink too much beer. I really wonder about the future of aviation in this country when I see Ray drunk and gyrating like a fiend on the dance floor.

I don’t really have much to report. I sit here currently as the remnants of Floyd (all null and void!) bash against the outside of my house and my dog, North, chews on my foot, wondering if I can afford to buy the new Matthew Good CD now that it is out, being as how CD’s now cost an alarming 25 bucks each. I tell you, this is a crime. I don’t know what makes me more angry, the fact that record companies and retailers actually think I am idiotic enough to pay these prices or the fact that I finally buckle and go against my moral fiber and actually break down and buy their product. I’m thinking about opening up a cd store and selling all my records at cost. I won’t do it for the money, just to provide people with music at a price they don’t have to sell their car to afford. How will I make money you ask? Well I’m not in it for the money, but expenses coudl be covered by small donations of those who shop there and are thankful that they don’t have to pay the ridiculous full prices. Let’s just say all the cd’s would be labeled at cost and you are welcome to tack on whatever you feel is appropriate. Interested investors can email me.

I also want everyone to know that I am going to start my own awards show on tv. I want to officially recognize all the hard work and important significance of these mindless shows, so next year check your local listings for the Annual Awards Show of Excellence in Awards Shows. The show will hgihlight all the stupid speeches, fashion blunders and tone deaf live performances from the previous year’s award shows. Awards will be handed out to the winner of the nominees, which will be be picked at random, with absolutely no relevance to the category they appear in. The panel of Judges will be selected from a large pool of citizens that possess not only no special link to the awards, but have no idea what is going on in popular society whatsoever. Maybe we can get someone like Tipper Gore to head the inaugural judging panel.

So I guess that’s about it for now – on second thought, maybe I should just start my own cable channel. Hey it worked for Ted Turner. I can start a channel that airs only movies that I want to watch and no one else has ever heard of, 24 hours a day. That way I can spend lots of time and money to fill the airways with mindless dribble, thus making it even harder for people with programming that is entertaining or God – forbid, informative and educational, to even get their foot in the door. And when I run out of my own mindless dribble to broadcast, I’ll simply buy some from some other huge – out – of – touch conglomerate who has extra junk to sell.

There we go. Now I have outlined my plan for world manipulation – er, I mean domination. Welcome to the future of buKit communications, inc. You will all bow before me because if you don’t I’ll show Rollerjam 24 hours a day.