On the move.

Hey again…I’m back and badder than ever. Hope you all enjoyed your holidays. I got lots of cool loot and I would like to thank all that donated to the ‘keep Bean entertained’ cause, your donations are greatly appreciated and will help a Bean keep smiling, giggling and drooling. Please give more. At this young, innocent, cute stage I can afford to be selfish-I’ll never be able to get away with it when I’m older. Oh wait-well, I AM a woman, so maybe….

As you can see, dad has been slacking again with the updates of material. I have attempted to make up for it this time by posting not one but two pages of eye candy of your’s truly for all of you to fawn over. Be advised that there are some random shots of the big brown furry thing and the house we live in thrown in to add a little variety. Go knock yourself out.

Well, as of late, I have decided I don’t have time to sit around and wait for folks, I’m going mobile. I get around pretty good utilizing what everyone keeps calling the ‘crawl’ and I also can pull myself up on things to ‘stand’. I really dig this standing thing as it allows me to see more and get closer to the big brown furry thing. Crawling seems to serve me pretty well except that everytime it seems like I’m about to get where I want to be (i.e. that big plant in the corner) along comes mom or dad to pick me up and plop me back in the middle of the room. Ugh. Now I have to start all over again. I’m sure that this must constitute cruel and unusual punishment.

My diet of mush has increased to mush with chunks. I keep eating it cause it’s all I get, plus they make me eat it all before I get ‘dessert’. That’s the best part, I don’t know why they always keep it for last.

I have definitely found my voice. I can make a whole variety of noises now, none of which anyone seems ot understand. I won’t even try to convey them here, as print merely does not do them justice, and I’m afraid of being misquoted by the press. I especially enjoy stretching out my vocals in the locker room when mom and dad take me to the ‘pool’.

I REALLY enjoy the pool. It’s fun. It’s wet. There’s other little people like me there and I like to watch them and holler at them.

I know I have touched on this before, but from time to time this ‘teeth’ thing really gets to me. It’s nice of mom and dad to stay up with me though, I don’t think they mind….they just keep rocking and singing…I don’t think they miss the sleep at all. I only hope this ‘teeth’ thing doesn’t go on for very long.

Well, I guess I should be going. It’s time for me to go sit in the little ‘pool’ we have at home and splash water everywhere…that’s the best. Plus the sound in there is almost as good as at the big ‘pool’ and when I really get hollering, it makes me laugh when the big brown furry thing shakes his head and runs away.

Bye for now.