Pluses and Minuses.

Ya know, the interesting thing I find is people comparing the launch of Google+ to Facebook and Twitter and comparing stats with regards to users in X amount of time and such. Google+ has had the benefit of 5+ years of Facebook and social media successes and failures to build on. Launching this service now can’t be compared to the launch of a Twitter or Facebook as when they launched, not nearly as many people were social media aware or savvy. To me the comparison is really sort of pointless.

A very large part of the reason Google+ took off like it did is because Twitter, Facebook and the like were already there to facilitate a ridiculously fast dissemination of info and user uptake.

I mean, I’m pretty sure most of us found out about it via another SM platform/tool.

Ironic. Dontcha think?

Oh, and I’m on Google+ here.