The charm.

Ok. This is the 3rd time I’ve re-started this post. I can’t decide what to write and what not. Ha. Get it. Whatnot?


If you read my last lengthy post – you know that Lyn’s on the upward swing. This is good. She also, ironically enough, got a call back for a job interview yesterday. So that’s good to. If she gets a job – which we need ’cause we are, in a word, floundering – that would be nice although it opens up a whole ‘nother can-o-worms as I will have to find someone to take care of my kids – a prospect I am not looking forward to. I’m not really at ease with the idea of someone else raising them or having to tell them ‘you’re not going to see mommy or daddy during the weekdays anymore’. Ugh. I don’t like money. Money brings nothing really but problems.

Secondary to my child rearing issues is the fact that if Lyn gets a job there’s a good possibility that I won’t be able to ride the bike to work anymore due to the logistics of getting everyone where they need to be. Also, what if one of the ‘short ones’ get’s sick at school/daycare? Someone’s gotta be able to pick them up. Ugh. Cars. Traffic. Argh. Guess I’ll have to be dragged across that bridge when I come to it.

On a lighter note, project:Lemonmerchant continues. In my quest to replace the Ubaldmobile, I have decided I want to build up a Surly Cross-Check. Really this is what I wanted to do back before I inheritied the Ubaldmobile, so it appears we’ve come full circle. ‘The Lord works in mysterious ways.” I feel as though I’m fated to do this, for 2 days after the Ubaldmobile died, I found a Cross-Check frame and fork for sale on Craigslist. This is no mean feat as most people who own ’em, hold on to them forever. I’ve only seen like 3 or 4 ever for sale used, and the one I found is NEW. The guy never rode it. He wanted a different size. He has a 54cm built up and is selling a 56cm (which of course is not built up and therefore un-test rideable). I’m not sure what size I need, but I rode his 54 and it seemed a tad small. I’ve located a guy in DC with a 58 that he’s going to let me test ride at lunch today so that should be good. We’ll see how it goes. Initially I had wanted to use my exisitng Bontrager MTB hubs from the Ubaldmobile as the basis for my new 700c wheels, but alas they are only 28 hole hubs. I’m told by my personal Wheelsmith, Nature, that I’ll need at least 34 or 36 hole for beefiness. The search continues.