The yearly update.

Time for me to brag and/or gloat about how much I rode my bike to work last year. Here’s the scoop. For your quick reference the numbers in brackets [ ] indicate the change since last year. I know I’m a geek. Happy reading.

I rode my bike 2,150 [-245] miles to work last year.

144 [+27] days to work, out of 253 work days. An average of 7.5 miles each way. That’s 56% [+10%] of the time.

With an average retail gas price of $2.15 [+.22] a gallon for 2005, and my car’s mpg around 23 city, that comes to around 18 [+.06] cents a mile for gas.

That means I saved roughly $387 [+ $99.60] on gas last year. Also less wear and tear/maintenance and mileage depreciation on my car.

It seems odd that I have less miles than last year but rode more days but my commuting miles were cut in half when I moved to Annandale in 2004, so there. So tell me that you made $100 over what you did last year AND lost 50 pounds….