Tips for idiot drivers.

#437 in a seemingly never-ending series

Here’s one. If I’m waiting in a line of stop-and-go traffic and you’re waiting to merge in, and instead of waiting your turn, you barge in and almost cause an accident, don’t wave to me with the ‘Thanks for letting me in’ wave – cause I didn’t. You just barged in.

And your wave – it’s half-assed – you don’t even look at me. Just sorta flail your hand around while you’re looking the other direction. The finger would actually be more appropriate, because really, that’s what you’re thinking.

“Fuck this guy. I need to get where I’m going and everything I’ve got going on is definitely more important that what he’s going on.”

I didn’t let you in. Don’t fucking insult me on top of almost running into me. You don’t get to use the ‘wave’. That’s reserved for people who can conduct themselves politely and responsibly in society. You don’t get to use that and somehow clear your conscience. Activity like this totally screws your karma – and I know you’ve been doing that for some time now.

Just continue about your day, confident in the knowledge that you’re a total asshole.

Oh. And I also put a hex on you.

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