What do you know from snow.

This is rather unsettling.

The weather here has finally decided to turn cold with temps this week hovering around the freezing mark or below. It has made getting up and out on the bike in the mornings, shall we say, ‘challenging’. The car is always beckoning – of course some days, Lyn has to take the kids to preschool so the car isn’t an option. This morning was one of those days.

The dog was up really early as he had to ‘go outside’, urgently. Apparently on the walk with Lyn and the kids yesterday he ate some stuff he shouldn’t have. I know what it was – but I’ll spare you here. Let’s just say he’s got ‘the runs’.

So I’m up early. It’s cold. And I’m saying to myself, “Self, this riding your bike to work year-round idea of yours is stupid.”

Self answers back, ” Yea, I know, but Lyn needs the car today and we have no choice. Quick! To the Bikemobile!”

Other self. “F U.”

So it was hard to get up and out this morning, but as always, about 10 minutes into the ride – I was singing out loud with the big grin on. I’ve always said, the 10 steps out the door are the hardest.

I am getting to/from work faster now on the singlespeed. I’m sure, no doubt, because I’m pushing a gear in spots that I normally wouldn’t. My legs will attest to that. I do find that it’s helping my pedal stroke though, I make a concious effort to ‘spin’ consistently.

Lyn saw an interesting story on CNN the other night – reporting that 62% of Americans take sleeping pills. 62%. I can honestly say that I never have. Interesting though. I guess if I was responsible for electing the current goverment – I’d be having trouble sleeping as well.

Actually I think they attributed it to an increase in stress levels. No surprise there. People need to back off a little. Focus and importance is shifting torwards the wrong things in my opinion.

All I know is when my punk ass hits the bed – I’m out.

They’re predicting 2-4 inches of snow here tomorrow. Should effectively incite pandemonium. I’m just happy my kids will get to see some snow. They don’t really remember the snow from Canada, they were too small. 2-4 inches. Ha.

Get your toilet paper and milk now….