Zoo day with the Fam, and it gets a little ‘Surly’.

One of the benefits of actually being a grown up with a real job and responsibilites is that I’m used to getting up early.

We decided to put this natural inclination to use and get up early today to take the kids to the zoo and hopefully catch some animals before it got to hot and nasty out.

Oh the days when I wouldn’t have surfaced on a sunday morning before 11:30 at the earliest. Did that time ever really exist?

So we rolled out this am and hit the zoo by around 8:30am. I highly recommend it, we got to see alot more animals than when we used to go. The animals were all up and about, some being fed, and there’s hardly any folks in the zoo. The highlight reel includes, giraffes, elephants, pandas, cheetahs, zebras, gibbons, lemurs, seals, sea lions, and more. We had done a little homework and found out that they feed the river otters at 10:30 – we caught that and it was great. Bean’s favorite animal was of course the one horse they had (she’s going through a bit of a horse ‘thing’ right now, we’ve seen The Black Stallion or Black Beauty about 37 times this month.) and Emma’s fave was the ‘monkeys’ (gibbons). I myself dug the otters, Lyn was into the Pandas.

Actually, I lied. My favorite part was really getting a sweet parking space right up front and getting out of there with a full day’s worth of animal sightings before noon when it started to get hot and sticky and the hoardes of tourists arrived.

Snapped some photos…check ’em out here.

Yesterday I actually picked up a used wheelset for the Surly Cross Check I’m building up. Still missing a few components, but it’s starting to take shape. I might try and get a partial build picture up. Right now it’s either gonna be a SS or a Fixie…I’m still waiting for a full blown road wheelset from my main man Nature. Last night, I chopped some old school drop bars he sent me and made some bullhorn bars. Nice.



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  1. Drew,

    I’ll hook you up when phase one is complete. There’ll be 2 phases due to budget constraints. Phase one will be a SS…then further down the road, a fully geared road machine.

    Stay tuned.


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